Claire is a beautiful traditional rough coat black and

white.  She has a super friendly personality and just

loves life.  I would call her a medium drive dog

because she likes to "go" and does have some energy,

but she can still settle which makes her a great

companion.  Claire's puppies make excellent companions as well!  If you want a buddy to go with you everywhere, these puppies are fantastic!  Claire's mother, Gracefully Chosen, is a beautiful blue merle who is loving to everyone while also being fun and energetic. Claire's sire is Levi's Rockin the Wild Soul who is a son of Rockin G Bandit.  Bandit is a son of Rockin G Spurs and a grandson of Rockin G'sWhip which were both GCCA Open Cowdog of the Year for 4 different years and GCCA Reserve Champion Dog of the Year.  Rockin G Spurs was also winner of the 2000 World Champion Cowdog Challenge.  While Bandit came from some amazing working dogs, he did not turn out to be a working dog.  He was, however, our most valuable and wonderful companion for 12 amazing years.  Bandit was TNS tested negative and PennHip tested in the greater than 90th percentile.  His son, Levi, also turned out to be the most amazing, sweet, kind, and loving companion we could have ever asked for.  Levi is CEA/CH tested normal.  Levi's mother and Claire's grandmother, Borderzone Viva's

a Wild Soul, has many conformation champions in her pedigree

including CH Yarrancoly Tempt My Soul, CH Darkwind, and many

others.  Viva was PennHip tested in the 80th percentile.  Viva

was our very first border collie and the amazing dog that made

us fall in love with this breed.

Our Dogs

Touch The Stars "Echo"

​Echo is a beautiful blue merle with an amazing personality.  She is so sweet and

friendly but loves to run and play.  Due to a unknown injury which resulted in a

slipped disc, she will no longer be having puppies.  However she is doing well

and still loves to run and play.  Echo's mother, The Stars Will Be Rockin (Star), is

a full sister to Levi who is mentioned above.  These dogs have been a part of our

family for many years and we couldn't have asked for better companions.  Star is

the sweetest dog you will ever meet.  She greets everyone that comes to our house with quiet kindness, but most of all, this sweet girl visits the nursing home and so calmly greets all the residents who look forward to seeing her every week.  Echo's puppies are people oriented and have easy going personalities which make them the most wonderful companions. 

Gracefully Chosen

Calm Before The Storm "Aspen"

Aspen is a beautiful black and white with ticking.  She is so sweet and calm, is

great with kids and loves everyone.  She might even be called 'lazy' sometimes

because of her laid back personality.  Aspen's sire is Levi's Rockin theWild

Soul(mentioned above) and her dam is Firestorm Sagehill Drama.  Her dam is

from Sagehill border collies who are well known for agility.  Graphite, who is a full brother to Drama was the youngest national champion in ANY agility venue in 2012.  As of 2018, Graphite is a 4 time National Champion.  He won the UKI Cup, the Cyno Sport Biathlon Championship, the UKI Games Championship at the US Open and the 20" division Invitational.  Aspen's puppies have the wonderful laid back and sweet temperament of both parents and grandparents and will make wonderful companions.  

"Bandit"  Rockin G Bandit

Eve of the Storm "Eve"

Eve is a beautiful gold and white girl with the sweetest personality.  She is so kind to everyone and just loves attention.  She doesn't know a stranger and has the best manners.  She will sit quietly and wait to get attention.  She is a daughter of Timber and Ivy so she has definitely inherited their amazing personalities and beauty!

Livin' On The Edge  "Claire"


"Star"  The Stars Will Be Rockin

Mystical Timberwolf  "Timber"

​Timber is a beautiful rough coat slate merle.  He is very sweet and 

easy-going and gives this personality to his puppies.  Timber's

puppies make excellent companions as well as therapy and medical

alert dogs.  Timber's sire is Peachykeens Kickin Up Lilacs owned by

Nightshades Border Collies.  YODA is a gorgeous lilac rough coat standing 19".  He is the son of Arajoel Peanut Lilacgel and Cocoa Classic; grandson of Arajoel Haza Lilactri, a lilac tri from Australia. Yoda's parents have been tested OFA Good and CEA/CL Clear. His pedigree includes conformation champions CH Bayshores Hot Fudge Royale, CH Yarrancoly Kickin Up Dust, CH Yarrancoly Inya Dreams, CH Glentress Majestik Lord, CH Nahrof Moonlighting, and others.   Timber has Yoda's sweet personality and lovable teddy-bear disposition.  Timber's dam is NS Azure Mist who is also a beautiful slate merle with an easy-going personality.  AZURE is the daughter of Inuyasha and Anna Molly with champions Imp. Spot and Ben in her pedigree. 

"Levi"  Levi's Rockin the Wild Soul

Forever in the Stars "Aurora"

Aurora is so sweet and lovable as you can see in the videos.  She loves attention and has the sweetest personality.  She is a daughter of Echo, described below.  Her puppies will make great companions!

Yoda                         Azure

Moonstruck  "Ivy"

Ivy has a super sweet disposition but also likes to 'go'.  She LOVES the water and

will spend all summer in the pool.  She has been to the lake with us and has also

been riding in a kayak!  Ivy's puppies make wonderful companions, especially for

an active person.  Ivy is a daughter of CRL Super Nova and Touch the Stars 'Echo'

who is described below.  Ivy is from our line of dogs that have been the most

amazing companions for our family over the years and have produced outstanding puppies!