WELCOME to Prairie Wind Ranch. 

We are a family of seven that loves living on our 10-acre ranch and taking care of all of the animals.  We have four horses and our favorite little mini mule Daisy, beautiful chickens that provide us with our eggs, and some cats and dogs.  Border Collies have been a favorite breed of ours for many years because of their super friendly personality, intelligence, loyalty, beauty, and athleticism which makes them the most amazing family dogs.  We have a few border collies that have puppies and we strive to provide happy, healthy puppies that possess these same qualities to share with other people. I am extremely lucky to have found such amazing companions. The puppies we have are low to medium drive and bred to make wonderful companions as well as make great prospects for obedience, therapy dogs, and alert dogs.  The puppies are raised around my children and they get lots of attention so they are well-socialized when they are ready to go to their new home!

Our crazy pug

Our regal and silly mastiff